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About me

Spirituality and personal development have always been part of my life. But my professional career had put a hold on this for 7 years while I was working in finance abroad and in France. I had a hectic life that was filled with rush hour of the financial markets and busy phone calls from the traders. However a sudden dramatic event has stopped all this frantic life, the passing of my younger brother in an accident. As I grieved, I was reviewing my life and reconsidering my priorities.

I felt the need to go on a inner spiritual journey by traveling alone with my backpack in Australia and Asia, that I could be in touch with my trueself again. It was in India, in the heights of the Himalayas, that a dream came back to me : to help and heal others. Through discussions and encounters, I was guided to explore Shiatsu considered as a traditional medecin in Japan. I trained with the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu and in Quantum Shiatsu from Pauline Sasaki. I then established my own clinic as a Shiatsu practitioner for 10 years in Bordeaux, France.

As I continued practicing Quantum Shiatsu and meditation, plus being sensitive by nature, the world of the Unseen opened up to me in an unexpected way. I knew things, for example, about the person in front of me without her telling me anything about it beforehand, and they often turned out to be true. I also felt the presence of spirits, entities but I could not talk about it to anyone. I wanted to understand what was going on inside me, to know if all of these were real, and this is how I decided to go to England to Arthur Findlay College. The outstanding teachings I received have revealed and enhanced my mediumship and intuitive abilities. I also had the opportunity to receive some messages from my deceased brother and from my loved ones in the Spirit world, which has given me even more proof that life continues after death. This has changed my life completely. From that moment on, offering my mediumship skills which are expressed through my clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, as well as my ability to communicate some messages from the Spirit World, has been my life mission.

I work as an evidential and spychic medium for over 10 years with the same passion and love for the spirit world, and it is with great pleasure and joy that I offer mediumship and soul readings.

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Mani Phomsouvanh

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