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Mediumship Reading

Communication with your deceased loved ones

Even after many years, the loss of a loved one can still be difficult. Some events in your life or places may remind you of how much you miss your deceased loved ones and you wish to be able to communicate with them.

Please know that your deceased loved ones have a strong desire to communicate with you and to let you know that they are still with you, love you, and support you.

The mediumship reading will offer you the possibility :

  • to receive some messages from your loved ones

  • to be assured that they are well and safe

  • to help you overcome your grieving more peacefully

Through the mediumship reading, my intention is that you live this unique time with your deceased loved ones with love and trust.


How does the session unfold ?

I work without any photographs. During the reading your loved ones will describe their personality, their way of living to me which I will tell you so that you can validate the information and be sure that you are in communication with those you love in the spirit world.

The readings are held online on Zoom
from your computer or on your smartphone.



Online session :     

1h session

125 €

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